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Spring is in the air and summer is just around the corner. The change in season is definitely welcome.  However, the warmer temperatures and higher levels of humidity make it necessary to change some of the beauty products you are using.  Heavy creams and oily products can be retired and switched out for lighter products.   I recently went shopping with this very purpose.  Here are the must have beauty products that I picked up to better suit me in the spring and summer months.

  • Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Shea Soufflé

This is the lightest body cream I’ve ever tried.  It completely absorbs into the skin immediately.  It leaves absolutely no oily residue on the skin surface.  It is free of mineral oil, artificial fragrance, and parabens.  The soft baby powder scent also doesn’t clash with any fragrance I wear.  CLICK HERE to take a closer look.

  • Moom Sugar Based Hair Removal Kit

Sugaring is a natural, gentle alternative to removing unwanted body hair.  These ready-made kits are user-friendly.  It is organic.  The results are long lasting.  CLICK HERE to take a closer look.

  • Waiora Refining Microderm Treatmant

Revive your skin’s natural healthy glow by exfoliating all of the dead cells away that have accumulated over the winter.  This is the gentlest facial exfoliator I have used.  A treatment twice a week keeps pores refined resulting in a porcelain-like complexion.  CLICK HERE to take a closer look.

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Buffing in layers of makeup and slathering on countless beauty products can leave the skin looking dull and lifeless over a period of time.  Thus, the benefit of regular facials.  However, there is a way to practically resurface the skin without the use of harsh chemicals or surgical procedures. 
Microdermabrasion is a popular facial treatment that restores the clear healthy glow to the skin by sloughing off the dead surface layers of the skin.  The procedure is safe, painless, and can be done by an esthetician or dermatologist. 

Nevertheless, many of us don’t have the extra time or disposable income for regular visits to the day spa.  This dilemma is easily solved with Waiora’s Refining Microderm Treatment

Refining Microderm Treatment is an enriched blend of exfoliators, enzymes, and extracts that removes dull skin cells and frees pores of impurities.  It effectively resurfaces skin while being gentle for sensitive skin types.  It also helps correct environmental damage while powerful antioxidants, vitamins, essential oils and other ingredients leave your skin refined, radiant, and youthful looking.

Refining Microderm Treatment is a simple do it yourself solution to a dull lifeless complexion.  Add it to your skin care regimen to achieve a refined, polished lookClICK HERE to get more details on this amazingly effective product.

Still looking for the fountain of youth?   Scientific research has shown that toxins make our anti-aging battle much harder to win.  Your quest for an anti-aging remedy can end with a new chocolate treat.  At first there was just chocolate, then there was healthy chocolate, now there is VITAL CHOCOLATE. 

Waiora, the industry leader in removing toxins, has created Chava Vital Chocolate.  This dark chocolate is 70% organic cacao and loaded with anti-aging antioxidants.  However, what makes this chocolate treat unique is that it is infused with a mineral that detoxes the cells of the body. 

Chava is infused with Waiora’s proprietary Natural Cellular Defense (liquid zeolite).  Natural Cellular Defense  has been proven to naturally remove toxins and heavy metals from the body more effectively than any other detox product.  Free radical fighting antioxidants combined with natural detoxification provide the ultimate remedy for pre-mature aging

Toxins are impossible to avoid.  Our bodies are constantly bombarded by the effects of pollutants and chemicals in our water, food, air, and the products we use.  Chava Vital Chocolate provides the extra defenses needed to keep our bodies from being overwhelmed by our toxic environment.

Enjoy this rich, decadent treat and keep your body in top condition CLICK HERE to learn more about Chava Vital Chocolate.


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