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Shea Butter

After a quick survey of my beauty products, I noticed they had a common denominator: SHEA BUTTER. The products that have stood the test of time in my beauty regimen all contain shea butter.

I took it upon myself to do some research, I now have scientifically documented proof of why I love shea butter.  It is rich in vitamins A, E, F, and essential fatty acids which accounts for its soothing, healing, and moisturizing properties.

In particular, I have been grabbing for an amazing product line that I was recently introduced to.  Golden Liquid Soaps by U.C.A.N. makes homemade, all-natural liquid soaps and moisturizers that contain shea butter as a main ingredient.

Here are some of the benefits I have been noticing from using shea butter in my beauty treatments:

  • Soft Softener and Moisturizer– I have been using shea butter as a night cream for my entire body.  It conditions my skin over night and I wake up to soft, silky skin BONUS: After 3 months of this nightly ritual, I have noticed significant fading in some of my old scarsCLICK HERE for the rich shea butter blend that I recommend.
  • Sandal-Ready Feet – I have been soaking my feet in warm water infused with shea butter liquid soap for 30 minutes once a week.  Rough, dry skin easily wipe away after soaking and leaves me with sandal-ready feet CLICK HERE for the liquid soap that has become my pedicure holy grail.

Visit the Golden Liquid Soaps website to learn more about their all-natural product line.  Also, be sure to follow Ms Toi on Facebook and Twitter to get her Daily Dose of Healthy Beauty.


Have you ever been watching a makeover show and wished it was you getting the expert advice on how to bring out your best self?  A must have for every “makeover in waiting” is the newly published book, My Style, My Way

This is an exciting collaboration of beauty experts sharing their proffessional guidance on accentuating your positives.  Get expert advice on every aspect of beauty from your developing your personal style, building a wardrobe, to savvy socializing strategies.

My Style, My Way also features one of my favorite makeup artists, Brenda Azevedo, owner of Just B Cosmetics.  She provides her expert advice on finding your makeup personality and how to apply your makeup accordingly.

Click here to get your copy of My Style, My Way.  This is your opportunity to take these experts home with you and get started on your own complete makeover.

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Spring is in the air and summer is just around the corner. The change in season is definitely welcome.  However, the warmer temperatures and higher levels of humidity make it necessary to change some of the beauty products you are using.  Heavy creams and oily products can be retired and switched out for lighter products.   I recently went shopping with this very purpose.  Here are the must have beauty products that I picked up to better suit me in the spring and summer months.

  • Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Shea Soufflé

This is the lightest body cream I’ve ever tried.  It completely absorbs into the skin immediately.  It leaves absolutely no oily residue on the skin surface.  It is free of mineral oil, artificial fragrance, and parabens.  The soft baby powder scent also doesn’t clash with any fragrance I wear.  CLICK HERE to take a closer look.

  • Moom Sugar Based Hair Removal Kit

Sugaring is a natural, gentle alternative to removing unwanted body hair.  These ready-made kits are user-friendly.  It is organic.  The results are long lasting.  CLICK HERE to take a closer look.

  • Waiora Refining Microderm Treatmant

Revive your skin’s natural healthy glow by exfoliating all of the dead cells away that have accumulated over the winter.  This is the gentlest facial exfoliator I have used.  A treatment twice a week keeps pores refined resulting in a porcelain-like complexion.  CLICK HERE to take a closer look.

CLICK HERE to see my WARM WEATHER BEAUTY PRODUCT OVERHAUL.  Also, be sure to follow me on FACEBOOK to receive Ms Toi’s Daily Dose of Healthy Beauty.

Here’s something to smile about.  There are simple ways to keep your teeth white and bright NATURALLY.  Using chemical whiteners are harsh and can permanently weaken the enamel of your teeth.  Add these five easy, inexpensive tips to your regimen for a whiter, healthier smile.

  1. It’s a given that you should brush and floss immediately after eating.  If this is not a convenient option, rinse mouth with water to remove any potentially staining residue from your meal.
  2. Use a straw to drink drinks that can stain your teeth such as coffee, tea, and red wine.
  3. Snack on crunchy foods such as carrots and apples.  The extra chewing required for these foods helps remove plaque build up.
  4. Brush teeth with baking soda.  It naturally oxidizes stains on tooth enamel.  It is also very inexpensive.
  5. Be proactive.  Visit the dentist every six months to have your teeth professionally cleaned.     

Visit the Lilikoi Looks YouTube Channel to learn more tips on healthy beauty.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Whether you have  a romantic date planned or not, this holiday of love is the perfect time to accentuate one of your sexiest  features:  YOUR LIPS.  Here are a few tips to help you achieve the perfect pout.

 1.  Use a lipliner.

    -Ideally you want your lips to be symmetrical.  Outline lips to create symmetry.

    -Completely fill in lips with lipliner to avoid a harsh lipline as your liostick fades throughout the day.

    –Click here to see Tips on Lips:  The Perfect Shape

2.  Choose a shade of lipstick by considering your skin tone and the fullness of your lips.

   -Pale and nude colors will make lips appear fuller.

  -Dark colors will make lips appear thinner.

Click here to see Tips on Lips:  The Perfect Color

3.  Lip care is a must.

  -Exfoliate lips at least one a week.

 -Apply a lip balm before to keep lips moisturized while you sleep.

Click here to see Tips on Lips:  Lip Care

Did you know that your makeup has an expiration date? This cold hard fact can be almost devestating if you meticulously add to your collection with pricey new shades and textures every season.
Over time makeup can harbor bacteria that can cause infections. Keeping your personal care products and tools clean and free of bacteria is an important part of healthy beauty.

Here is a quick reference to determine if your makeup is past it’s prime:

MAKEUP EXPIRATION DATES: (beginning from the time you first open these products)
Powder, Blush, & Eyeshadow: 2 years

Cream Blush & Eyeshadow: 12 – 18 months

Foundation: 1 year

Lipstick & Lipliner: 1 year

Mascara & Eyeliner: 3 months

Makeup Brushes: Clean after each use with a mild detergent

Makeup Sponges: Replace or clean after each use with a mild detergent

Find more healthy beauty tips on the Lilikoi Looks YouTube Channel.

Green is in! The latest trend within the beauty industry is using natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. More and more so-called natural products are popping up on the shelves. However, what you see is not always what you get.

You have to be a savvy consumer when shopping for healthy beauty products. Some products are labeled with buzz words such as “natural”, “organic”, and “botanical”; more so as a marketing ploy than a claim of its quality.

The best way to determine the quality and purity of your beauty products is to take a look at the ingredients. Here are five ingredients to avoid the next time you’re shopping for healthy beauty products:

1.) Parabens (used as a preservative, mimics estrogen hormone in the body)
2.) Propylene Glycol (used to give a product a silky texture, also used in antifreeze)
3.) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (used to create foam and suds, can cause skin irritations)
4.) p-Phenylenediamine (used in dyes including some hennas, can cause eczema and rashes)
5.) Artificial Fragrance (synthetic chemicals that can cause rashes, breakouts, and skin discoloration)

Visit the Lilikoi Looks YouTube Channel to find more tips on healthy beauty.


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