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Have you ever been watching a makeover show and wished it was you getting the expert advice on how to bring out your best self?  A must have for every “makeover in waiting” is the newly published book, My Style, My Way

This is an exciting collaboration of beauty experts sharing their proffessional guidance on accentuating your positives.  Get expert advice on every aspect of beauty from your developing your personal style, building a wardrobe, to savvy socializing strategies.

My Style, My Way also features one of my favorite makeup artists, Brenda Azevedo, owner of Just B Cosmetics.  She provides her expert advice on finding your makeup personality and how to apply your makeup accordingly.

Click here to get your copy of My Style, My Way.  This is your opportunity to take these experts home with you and get started on your own complete makeover.

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Getting bikini ready can be a very hairy situation.  Removing unwanted hair is a must when it comes to looking your best.  There are pros and cons to each method of temporary hair removal.  Shaving is fast and inexpensive, however, the stubbly regrowth can appear within hours.  While waxing may buy you more time before regrowth appears, the process is frankly a form of torture.  Depilatories are painless and effective, nevertheless, absorbing these harsh chemicals into your dermis on a regular basis can lead to detrimental skin damage.

So what’s a hairy girl to do?

Sugaring is an often overlooked hair removal technique.  This technique originated in ancient Egypt and can be used on all areas of the body.  A paste made of sugar is applied to the skin in a rolling motion.  When removed, it takes the unwanted hair with it.  Generally, sugaring results lasts between 4-6 weeks.  It is also less painful than waxing because the sugar only adheres to the hair and not the skin and is easily removed with water.  Therefore, there is no unnecessary tugging of the skin.  Best of all, it is all natural.

CLICK HERE to learn more about sugaring.   Try sugaring at home with my favorite ready made kits from Moom.  Also, be sure to subscribe to the Lilikoi Looks YouTube channel to stay up to date on any videos I post on healthy beauty tips.

If you’ve ever checked out my YouTube channel you know that I’m always doing reviews on outstanding healthy beauty products.  One of my hobbies is to try out new beauty products, especially some of those that people seem to be raving over.  Once I get my hands on a product I’ll test it out for at least a few months.    From there, I will issue my thumbs up or thumbs down opinion.  From my tests and trials, I have found some products that I can’t live without now. 

I am extending myself to the Lilikoi Looks community.  Do you have a cosmetic item that you’ve been wanting to get the real scoop on?  Send me a comment and I’ll review it for you.  Before you go out and buy that hot new beauty item that you just keep hearing about consult with Ms Toi.  Let me review your cosmetic in question so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when you make your purchase.

Aloha my nani glams!  I want you to remember that the Lilikoi Looks’ Beauty Blog is a forum for you.  I am kicking off a new series called “Ask the Expert”.  I have learned many valuable tips and tricks from masters in the beauty industry and I want to share them with you.  Ask me any questions that you have about makeup and beauty.  Each “Ask the Expert” posting will feature the answer to your questions.  It really is all about YOU!  Sign up here on the Lilikoi Looks’ Beauty Blog and keep the questions coming.  Click above on the “Leave Comment”  link to ask your question.  When in doubt, “Ask the Expert”!  

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