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If you were stuck on an island and had only one makeup item, what would it be?  One of the popular makeup choices is mascara.  Being stuck on an island is no reason to sacrifice long, luscious lashes.

Most women wear mascara every day.  With it being used around the delicate eye area, it is important to be sure that you’re using a safe, healthy formula.  The run-of-the-mill mascara you find contains petro-chemicals, parabens, formaldehyde releasers, mercury, and phthalates.  These are all toxic ingredients that you do not want flaking into your eyes.

Mercury, in particular, is a neurotoxin that scientific studies have shown to cause damage to the nervous system.  Placing any amount of mercury near my eye is just too close for comfort.  Fortunately, there are cosmetic brands that have mascaras formulated without these harsh ingredients.

I have been on the hunt for a healthy mascara that works just as well as some of the conventional mascaras that I had grown accustomed to.  I recently purchased the Josie Maran GOGO Instant Natural Volume Argan Mascara and fell in love.

This mascara contains none of the before-mentioned toxic ingredients including sulfates, synthetic frangrance, GMOs, or triclosan .  It also is made with argan oil which is great for conditioning your lashes.

It comes with a huge applicator brush which is perfect for thickening lashes.  I applied two coats without any clumping.  It lasted my entire ten hour day without flaking, smearing, or smudging.  Best of all, I felt good about not having a potentially harmful product on my eyes.

Definitely, check out the Josie Maran GOGO Instant Natural Volume Argan Mascara .  You’ll be stuck on that island looking beautiful and feeling healthy.  For more healthy beauty tips visit Lilikoi Looks on Facebook.


Spring is in the air and summer is just around the corner. The change in season is definitely welcome.  However, the warmer temperatures and higher levels of humidity make it necessary to change some of the beauty products you are using.  Heavy creams and oily products can be retired and switched out for lighter products.   I recently went shopping with this very purpose.  Here are the must have beauty products that I picked up to better suit me in the spring and summer months.

  • Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Shea Soufflé

This is the lightest body cream I’ve ever tried.  It completely absorbs into the skin immediately.  It leaves absolutely no oily residue on the skin surface.  It is free of mineral oil, artificial fragrance, and parabens.  The soft baby powder scent also doesn’t clash with any fragrance I wear.  CLICK HERE to take a closer look.

  • Moom Sugar Based Hair Removal Kit

Sugaring is a natural, gentle alternative to removing unwanted body hair.  These ready-made kits are user-friendly.  It is organic.  The results are long lasting.  CLICK HERE to take a closer look.

  • Waiora Refining Microderm Treatmant

Revive your skin’s natural healthy glow by exfoliating all of the dead cells away that have accumulated over the winter.  This is the gentlest facial exfoliator I have used.  A treatment twice a week keeps pores refined resulting in a porcelain-like complexion.  CLICK HERE to take a closer look.

CLICK HERE to see my WARM WEATHER BEAUTY PRODUCT OVERHAUL.  Also, be sure to follow me on FACEBOOK to receive Ms Toi’s Daily Dose of Healthy Beauty.


Sigma E-25 Blending Brush

The Sigma E-25 Blending Brush is a must have for makeup beginners and professionals alike.  You can create the perfect smokey eye fast and simple with this one brush alone!  

  The unique flat, tapered design of this brush makes it perfect for precise color placement.  The soft bristles enable it to blend colors to a flawless finish.     

CLICK HERE to see just how quickly you can create a polished everyday neutral smokey eye using ONLY the Sigma E-25 Blending Brush.  Also, be sure to visit Sigma’s website and add it to your makeup brush collection.   

It’s that time of year again and makeup lovers are flocking to their local cosmetic counters for holiday shopping.  The gift ideas can seem endless for the average beauty junkie.  However, the possibilities come to a deadend if you’re shopping for a beauty junkie who also happens to be a veganUrban Decay Cosmetics comes to the rescue with the perfect holiday gift idea.

Urban Decay has introduced a Vegan Palette!  It includes six of Urban Decay’s most popular eyeshadows (Twice Baked, Half baked, Smog, Minx, Urb, and Gunmetal), a travel size eyeliner pencil (24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Zero), and a sample size of Eyeshadow Primer Potion (Sin).  The packaging alone is enough to fill you with holiday cheer; displaying artistic images of butterflies, puppies, and dolphins.  It retails for $34.00 USD.

The Urban Decay Vegan Palette is the perfect holiday gift  for any eco-friendly fashionista.  Go to and purchase it online or find it at your local Sephora or Ulta.  The Vegan Palette is a limited edition item, so don’t miss the chance at this unique gift idea.  CLICK HERE to learn about more healthy beauty products.   

Buffing in layers of makeup and slathering on countless beauty products can leave the skin looking dull and lifeless over a period of time.  Thus, the benefit of regular facials.  However, there is a way to practically resurface the skin without the use of harsh chemicals or surgical procedures. 
Microdermabrasion is a popular facial treatment that restores the clear healthy glow to the skin by sloughing off the dead surface layers of the skin.  The procedure is safe, painless, and can be done by an esthetician or dermatologist. 

Nevertheless, many of us don’t have the extra time or disposable income for regular visits to the day spa.  This dilemma is easily solved with Waiora’s Refining Microderm Treatment

Refining Microderm Treatment is an enriched blend of exfoliators, enzymes, and extracts that removes dull skin cells and frees pores of impurities.  It effectively resurfaces skin while being gentle for sensitive skin types.  It also helps correct environmental damage while powerful antioxidants, vitamins, essential oils and other ingredients leave your skin refined, radiant, and youthful looking.

Refining Microderm Treatment is a simple do it yourself solution to a dull lifeless complexion.  Add it to your skin care regimen to achieve a refined, polished lookClICK HERE to get more details on this amazingly effective product.

Purchasing professional quality makeup brushes can be thought of as making an investment.  Adding to your collection of brushes does not come cheaply.  However, there is a cosmetics company offering high quality products without the high price.  You may not have heard of Sigma Makeup, but their buzz is growing louder.  

Sigma Makeup is a brand synonymous with quality and function.  Their products are handmade and developed to provide the highest quality standard.  Sigma offers a complete line of professional makeup brushes specifically designed to give flawless results.  Each brush is individually tested for performance, resistance, and durability.

In addition to the high quality, you can hold on to more of your hard earned cash.  Sigma Makeup products are reasonably priced compared to other top cosmetic companies.  Don’t miss out on the savingsCLICK HERE to check out Sigma Makeup’s awesome products and awesome prices.

If you’re not already obsessed over Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, you will once you learn what they’re all about.  Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is also known as OCC.  They are famous for their innovative Lip Tars

Lip Tars are ultra pigmented, opaque, long-wearing lip colors that shine through in High-Definition photography.  These lip tars come in a wide range of colors enabling makeup artists to mix and blend to create any hue on the color wheel

In addition to their amazing products, OCC is also committed to quality.  Their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.  The Lip Tars in particular do not contain any harsh preservatives or parabens.  They are made with hemp oil, peppermint oil, and vitamin E

Click here to check out my “Click and Win” Giveaway video and see me demo a lip tar application.  Be sure to enter the contest for a chance to win OCC’s newly introduced Lip Tar colors.  Also, for more information on Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics visit their website at .


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