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Most people agree that the first thing they notice on another person is their eyes.  Thus the desire for long lucious eyelashes.  You want to beautifully frame the windows to your soul.  We’re moving closer to the hot humid summer weather and this is not the forecast that is mascara friendly.   There is an alternative to applying several coats of mascara that can run, clump, and leave you in need to periodically reapply. 

Eyelash extensions are the newest rave in the beauty world.  Extensions are bonded to each individual lash and the results last for the entire life of the lash (6-8 weeks).  This is also a great option for women who prefer not wearing makeup but still want to achieve a natural polished look everyday.  See what women who’ve experienced eyelash extensions have to say CLICK HERE.


Just when you think the multi-talented Beyonce Knowles has done it all she goes and outdoes herself again.  This time she’s giving back to the community with beauty.  Her latest venture is the Beyonce Cosmetology Center. 

While doing research for her role as Etta James in the movie “Cadillac Records”, Beyonce was introduced to Phoenix House, a substance abuse treatment center.  She was compelled to offer assistance after speaking with recovering addicts. 

She and her mother, Tina Knowles, developed the idea of a cosmetology center.  This program provides  job training skills to support themselves in the real world.  The Beyonce Cosmetology Center is providing an opportunity for men and women to get a second chance at life.  Much respect to this beautiful cause.  CLICK HERE  to see Beyonce’s interview about her collaboration with Phoenix House.  To learn more about the efforts of Phoenix House go to .

The Lilikoi Looks Roadtrip is rolling through Washington DC.  We’ve even extended our stay here in response to the overwhelming demand.  Lilikoi Looks would like thank all the lovely ladies that got eyelash extensions.  Keep a look out on the Lilikoi Looks’ website to see before and after pictures of these beautiful ladies.  We’d also like to give a special thanks to Ms. Chantelle Cotton for facilitating our model search in the DC area.

  Remember our model search is still underway.  Leave us a comment if you’d like to be one of our featured models.  The Lilikoi Looks Roadtrip may be rolling through your city soon.  Be sure to sign up here to receive each installment of our blog so that you can stay up to date on where we are.

You should probably have your I-Phone handy the next time you go shopping at your local beauty supply store.  This is so you can do your research as you shop.  It is important to buy products that are manufactured in USA inspected facilities.  Products made outside of the United States may or may not be produced with the same quality control as those produced in the United States.  This is especially important when it comes to the cosmetics you purchase, including eyelash extension adhesive.  Many products make their way to USA shelves deceptively marketed as American made.  Check out my new video on Youtube to learn details on where to go to do the proper research on your favorite cosmetics.  Be sure to subscribe to the Lilikoi Looks’ channel so that you don’t miss out on any of my upcoming videos.  Also, visit my website to stay up to date on all safe and healthy beauty tips.

I have a great find to share with you eyelash extension wearers. Ardell Lash Magic Blending Mascara is a mascara that is formulated for blending false lashes into your natural lashes. Of course, you don’t need this if you have eyelash extensions. This mascara is useful for keeping your lash extensions groomed. It contains no glycols or carbonates, so no need to worry about your lash adhesive losing its bond. For my detailed review on this awesome product check out my video on Youtube .

We are looking for models for before and after photos for the new website.  Special model discount prices are available for anyone that is selected and would not mind being featured on the website For more details email me at  In the meantime, visit me on youtube and subscribe  at

CBS 2’s Tamsen Fidal asks the question “Is the way to a man’s hearts through his eyes?”  According to Fidal, without blinking women are shelling out hundreds of dollars to get a whole new look. 

View this Feburary 2007 link to see what Tamsen has discovered.


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