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Safe Water Bottles for your #1 Beauty Accessory

Posted on: April 18, 2011

Water is definitely the number one beauty accessory.  Very basic information.  Right?  If you’ve heard about the importance of drinking water once, you’ve heard about it a thousand times.  You may even have your own personal watering hole going by keeping a refillable water bottle stashed in your purse.  Smart indeed.  Nevertheless, the rabbit hole of drinking water goes a bit deeper.

What kind of refillable bottle are drinking your water from?  If your reusable water bottle is made from a clear, hard, polycarbonate plastic; you may need to toss it and replace it with something safer.

Scientific studies have shown the chemical in polycarbonate known as bisphenol A (BPA) to be highly toxic.  When it is transferred into your drinking water from your water bottle it can lead to possible health risks.  These health risks include adverse effects to the human reproductive system and adverse effects on the brain and behaviorClick here to take a closer look at some of the studies on the effects of BPA.

It is now easy to get your hands on a safe water bottle due to the extensive research and wide media coverage on the dangers of BPAClick here to find BPA-free water bottles.  Keep your number one beauty accessory pure and toxin-free.

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