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Need a Beauty Product Review?

Posted on: May 19, 2010

If you’ve ever checked out my YouTube channel you know that I’m always doing reviews on outstanding healthy beauty products.  One of my hobbies is to try out new beauty products, especially some of those that people seem to be raving over.  Once I get my hands on a product I’ll test it out for at least a few months.    From there, I will issue my thumbs up or thumbs down opinion.  From my tests and trials, I have found some products that I can’t live without now. 

I am extending myself to the Lilikoi Looks community.  Do you have a cosmetic item that you’ve been wanting to get the real scoop on?  Send me a comment and I’ll review it for you.  Before you go out and buy that hot new beauty item that you just keep hearing about consult with Ms Toi.  Let me review your cosmetic in question so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when you make your purchase.


7 Responses to "Need a Beauty Product Review?"

Hiya! I’d really like to find out about the Prestige bronzers.. heard a lot about them!

Hi there. Thanks for the request. I’ve heard great things about the Prestige Bronzers. I will get on the case and try them out along with gathering a consensus about them for you. I’ll will get back to you with a thorough review ASAP. Talk to you soon: )

Hi beautyaddictioness,
I’m finally back with the review you requested on the Prestige bronzers. I bought it from my local drug store for about $12. I got the “Pure Shimmer” color. I actually really liked this bronzer. The texture is soft and smooth, so it applys nicely and blends well. It’s comparable to a MAC Mineralized Skin Finish. But the shimmer is finer than the MAC MSF. So, you don’t get the glittery effect, which I thought was nice.
I probably can’t give you the best assessment on the pigmentation of this bronzer though. I’m quite tanned at the moment, so it actually served as more of a highlighter on my skin tone.
I highly recommend this product. I think it’s definitely worth the money. I wore it on my trip to IMATS in LA. Although the camera kind of washes out my makeup you can still check it out at . Let me know if you have any more questions. Hope this helped. Take care: )

I really interested in your post. Actually I posted a similar related article in my blog regarding this issue. What is your opinion about it?


Hi Dr. Bill. Thank you for the comment and for sharing your product website. I may refer to it in a future post. Take care: )

Yes` I am interesting your blog and beauty product is very must today.

Thank you

Thank you for visiting my blog. Take care: )

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