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Healthy Glowing Skin – No Makeup Needed

Posted on: May 9, 2010

In honor of Mother’s Day I’m  highlighting an age old cure-all that grandmother swore by:  Cod Liver Oil.  Some of us may even have memories of having to gulp a spoonful of this concoction every morning.  Grandmother knew that cod liver oil could keep you from catching a cold all winter long, but she probably didn’t realize that it could also help you achieve healthy glowing skin.

The average person’s diet is deficient in nutrients that support a healthy complexion.  Prior to recent times our ancestors consumed foods containing sufficient amounts of omega fatty acids.  Scientific evidence has shown that omega fatty acids can alleviate skin disorders such as acne, eczema, and other inflammatory skin conditions.  Cod liver oil is loaded with these skin loving omega fatty acids.

However, when it comes to consuming fish oils you have to be aware of its purity.  All fish oils are not created equal.  Nordic Naturals Artic Cod Liver Oil delivers the daily requirements of omega fatty acids without any toxic by products.  This is a highly purified pharmaceutical grade fish oil that has been clinically tested to be free of dangerous toxins such as mercury and lead.  Because of its purity, this product is three times more potent than any lower grade cod liver oil or typical fish oil found in health food stores. 

I have tested Nordic Naturals Artic Cod Liver Oil for several months now and the results are in.  This product had worked wonders for my complexion.  This cod liver oil has cleared up my blemishes and has prevented any more breakouts.  An added bonus is that this product even has a pleasant taste.  Go to to learn more about this amazing product.  

Follow grandmother’s example and take your daily dose of cod liver oil to achieve naturally healthy glowing skin.

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