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WARNING! Eyelash Extension Risks

Posted on: March 14, 2010

If you thought eyelash extensions were a risk free solution to achieving long thick lashes, think again. Eyelash extensions are not a do it yourself project. You need to make sure you have a professional applying them, using the right kind of products. Follow these guidelines to ensure that you have a beautiful experience with your beautiful eyelash extensions.
Applying eyelash extensions is not a twenty minute project that can be taken on in your bathroom with the kit you bought online or at the neighborhood beauty supply store. In an effort to avoid the seemingly high price tag many people attempt this procedure as if they’re simply dying their hair. This is very dangerous and is not worth the price you may pay by trying to cut costs.
Eyelash extensions are tediously bonded to each individual lash. The procedure typically takes up to two hours. Sharp tweezers are utilized to apply each lash. You do not want your eyes open with sharp objects in such close proximity. You surely cannot do this on yourself with your eyes closed. Also, the eyes must remain closed the entire time of the procedure so that the strong fumes from the adhesive do not irritate and damage the eyes.
In order to ensure your eyelash extensions are applied in the safest way, have them done by a professional. There are people specifically trained and certified in applying eyelash extensions. They also help in the maintenance and upkeep to ensure the longevity of the extensions.
Keeping the eyes closed is not the only precaution to take against the damaging fumes from the adhesive. Be sure that your eyelash extension technician is utilizing a formaldehyde-free, pharmaceutical grade lash adhesive. Formaldehyde, which is found in most eyelash glue, may cause skin irritations and allergies.
It is vital to take the upmost care when having procedures done that involve the delicate eye area. The benefit of having beautiful lashes upon waking every morning makes this procedure priceless. It is something every woman should treat themselves to.
In order to get more information about how to find on how to find a certified eyelash extension technician go to . Also, to see a demonstration of a professional application go to .


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